To all the teachers out there…

istock_teacher_supply_crisis_3I remember what it was like… feeling under siege, trying to do things differently in my own little classroom, rolling my eyes on inset days where power point, sugar paper and ‘fun’ ruled…

That isn’t necessarily everyone’s experience of course. But it happens enough, even now, for teachers to write to me, to approach me, tears in their eyes, so happy that Michaela is as loud as she is, giving them hope that an alternative is possible.

Here is one message I got today that brought tears to my own eyes.

Hi Katharine, firstly, well done for Saturday – it looked like a great event. And I loved the ‘We Are The Adults..’ message.. Yes, this is the natural order and we need to firmly reestablish this as a key social force.
That’s not why I wanted to contact you though. I wanted to thank you for the book (which is amazing, yes, I knew it would be), but not just for the messages of this book: I want to thank you for something that happened in my school, with one of my colleagues today. She has had a hard time recently, for a range of personal and professional reasons. She’s heard about Michaela and she ordered the book. It arrived yesterday. She bounced into school this morning, having “stayed up really late” last night to read it.
She’s happy again, Katharine. She’s smiling and inspired and feeling that she can regain some control.

To all the teachers out there fighting the good fight – I take my hat off to you. You do the most challenging, most rewarding, most frustrating, most exhilarating job in the world. The tougher your classroom, the more resilient and omnipotent you are. You are what our society depends on – to sacrifice your peace of mind – to give so much of your lives – so that the future of our country might stand a chance.

Nuff respect my friends – You are extraordinary.


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